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PhlexShop was established in 2006 to meet an emerging need for an E-commerce Platform provider that offers ongoing performance enhancement. We are self financed owner-managed business, combining the talents of a highly experienced technology team with the expertise and insight of thought leaders in E-Commerce and Multi Channel retailing.

Our service offering is specifically target Multi Channel businesses who require much more from their E-commerce Platform than a one off site launch.

We offer our clients unparalleled business opportunities combined with a high level of service on an ongoing basis. We are already working as a Strategic E-Commerce Partner to some of the fastest growing companies in Multi Channel retailing, delivering them what they need when they need it.


The Phlexshop E-Commerce platform is designed to meet the demanding standards of the modern e-commerce market. Combining 10 man-years of development and continuing flexibility we have created a world class platorm that can take orders from the front-end to the back-end right through to warehouse fulfillment. We also support call centre integration and catalogue based orders making us the ideal choice for mid to large size catalogue businesses and businesses with a wide range of personalised products.

Few bespoke platforms have this depth of basic functionality out of the box and fewer still have the breadth. The Phlexshop platform offers you the ability to create, manage and measure multi-channel marketing campaigns from our powerful promotions engine to our integrated search marketing functionality.

Our platform has enabled our clients to streamline processes and dramatically reduce turnaround time for orders. This increased efficiency. All of this is aided and abetted by our wide range of expertise in testing, analytics and marketing consultancy

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